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This post has been removed upon request by a friend so I have taken it down.

~Dia Beetus


YouTube Projects

I will be practising my other ideas on YouTube apart from Hitler parodies.  I can see some other Hitler parody artists have made new avenues to making parodies in different areas away from Downfall.

Now I must create my own new avenue.  As I am a fan of Riven:  Sequel To Myst (I own a copy of it on the Sony PS1), I was tempted to do a YouTube Poop about the character Gehn and then some time after I was arranging bits of video, of him, I came up with “Gehn The Awkward ” idea.  This YouTube Poop version of Gehn is a man who has become a teapot after being trapped in his own created age for 30 years as well as becoming accident-prone and pretty much sings crazy things at random moments, because when it comes to YouTube poops, things don’t make sense and everything is pretty much possible.  Laughing audience sounds have been added in as well.

So now I have uploaded it onto YouTube.  I even plan to make a second part of Gehn The Awkward and may even be a third.

It seems I made a typo in the video right at the beginning. I have spelt “Awkward” as “Ackward” so I made a poop of that one without any intention.

***Update 2nd November 2013***

At my own surprise, Antoni has foolishly re-uploaded the stolen Fuhrerland II parody video with a different title with the prefix of “Fuhrerland’s antics” thinking that I’m not going to notice what he did so I have given it the same DMCA treatment as the first time he stole it.  Half an hour is all it took for YouTube to take down the video this time.  It is also observed that Antoni has renamed his Google name on MrTobyrantsparodies account from “Toby Rants Parodies” to “shark tales“.

This actually took place yesterday on the 1st November and not today as I didn’t have much time online to document this.  Surely his Ellen Paige account is on it’s last leg by now and must have two strikes on it.

***Update 5th November 2013***

On the 3rd of November, Antoni has uploaded my stolen video Hitler Looped Mix #3 and modified the title to Hitler Looped Mix #3 subtitle version so I even filed a DMCA against it.  2 days of waiting for YouTube’s response to my report had a different outcome.  I went to the Ellen Paige account today to find this (Link and Picture below):


I think WonkyTonkBotty filed his DMCA first before I did and YouTube reviewed his report and took action before reviewing mine.  Ellen Paige got his well-deserved third strike and is now obliterated which may explain why YouTube didn’t care about my report as the account was taken down anyway.  At this point, I guess that doesn’t matter now.  Again I thank WonkyTonkBotty for filing his DMCA and  is continuously running out of his multiple accounts, helplessly shrinking towards extinction on YouTube.

Me and Skylight will be keeping up the fight until Antoni is no more.

***Update 6th November 2013***

familyantonigames account is now terminated again when it was once terminated before by a DMCA filed by HitlerRantsParodies.  Antoni never seems to learn from the consequences and had yet again stole my Fuhrerland video which is when I filed my DMCA on the 4th November.  It’s almost like Antoni is telling the rest of us “Please help shut my accounts down as I suffer from an addiction to download other people’s videos without their permission, do my cheap cartoon edits and steal credit for them”.

(picture and link below)


Skylight has told me yesterday that Antoni had a very old terminated account named antonipieter so I will add this username into his list of accounts located in the October archives:

***Update 14th November 2013***

Antoni has been up to something and this time it’s not about stealing videos.  It is something I have never expected myself.  Antoni has uploaded 4 pornographic videos on his antonigamesfloatturt account.

I will not provide direct links to these TOS-violating videos but I will provide his channel that contains them.

I don’t think it will be long until those videos will be taken down and the account associated with it.  So it’s not about dodgy sexual content contained in his cartoon-making videos any longer but actual porn has been uploaded.  Antoni’s mind is so dangerously absorb-prone, whoever says anything on his video comments or on his discussion page, he uses it in his videos.  Someone said “Ellen Paige porn” on one of his other accounts and later on, he used that name Ellen Paige as a Google name before it got terminated so it is not random.

***Update 17th November 2013***

Thanks to Skylight’s complaint, antonigamesfloatturt has been blasted out of existence (Displays the message “Channel does not exist” in its place), but unfortunately Antoni has just made another YouTube account named antonithepedo and to no surprise has uploaded a batch of porn videos again contain incoherent titles as usual.  This sadly disproves my theory that Antoni is blocked from making more accounts on YouTube.

It won’t be long until that new account goes into oblivion as well.  Antoni is getting crazier by each day that passes. What will be next?  Antoni making a YouTube video showing himself naked wearing a pink dildo on his head on webcam?

His new account information is added to the list in the October post of my blog.

Antoni Pieter Yahya is an Indonesian user who severely lacks common sense and is terrible in writing English.  The way he types in it are jumbled-up words which can result in readers getting a headache and even an increase in stress levels.  Apparently, he is just as terrible typing in Chinese.  He uploads many videos containing cartoons of yellow circle faces of characters which no one actually cares about and uses the voices of these cartoons from Microsoft Sam which is proven to increase annoyances to anyone watching these kind of videos.

Maybe so far, you may be thinking I am just picking on him or even bullying him for uploading these kind of videos.  Please read on as I explain what this kid is capable of.

First of all, there is a large group on YouTube named “Untergangers” meaning users on YouTube edit and upload parody videos using raw clips from the movie “Downfall” which in German it is titled “Unterganger”.  Users add  their own subtitles in and some added visual effects in these clips for comedy and entertainment purposes.  The reason why I have brought this up is because Antoni Pieter Yahya has become a persistent menace to the Unterganger group.

– Copyright infringement and lame editing –

The main problem of Antoni is that he downloads other people’s videos using some video-downloading software, removes the intros or outros each displaying the username of the authors in a video editor (Windows Movie Maker most likely) who originally made the videos in the first place and inserts his own intros and outros to make it look like he has created the videos himself thus stealing credit from those he’s stolen the videos from.  He doesn’t even ask permission either, so either he is completely ignorant of how copyright works or he knows what he is doing is wrong but just doesn’t care.  I lean towards the former.

As a result of his deeds, this has left many YouTubers (Especially the Unterganger group) annoyed (Including myself) and has so far to my knowledge resulted in having two of Antoni’s accounts (familyantonigames and newfamilyantonigames facing termination due to flagging for containing sexual content in the videos associated with these accounts as well as copyright infringement complaints from other users).  Unfortunately, both these accounts have been re-instated due to Antoni’s false counter-claims resulting in these accounts reinstated once more.

– Multiple accounts –

To make things worse, he has as far as I know ten YouTube accounts listed here with account creation dates, usernames, Google names and account status displayed respectively:

  • [Unknown date] [antonipieter] [Unknown] [Terminated]
  • [Unknown date] [antonipieterapproved] [Antoni pieter yahya] [Terminated]
  • [16 Dec 2012] [onejanuary2013] [Ellen Paige] [Terminated]
  • [17 Apr 2013] [antonigamesfloatturt] [Parianto AntoniGames Said] [Removed]
  • [20 Apr 2013] [mrtobyrantsparodies] [shark tales] [Open]
  • [24 Apr 2013] [antonipieterchinese] [Adam Savage] [Open]
  • [28th May 2013] [familyantonigames] [antonigames Pieter Yahya] [Terminated]
  • [3rd Jul 2013] [newfamilyantonigames] [no Google name] [Terminated]
  • [24 Sep 2013] [bluedemon881] [Antoni Pieter Yahya] [Terminated]
  • [13 Oct 2013] [antonipieterpremiere] [Blue Demon] [Open]
  • [17 Nov 2013] [antonithepedo] [no Google name] [Removed]
  • [25 Nov 2013] [newantonithepedo] [antoni pieter yahya] [Open]

Why does he feel the need to make so many YouTube accounts?  What is he trying to prove?  Making more accounts isn’t going to get anyone to like his videos any better so if anything, it is going to attract more dislikes and negative comments as I have observed so far.  Even his subscriber base is so lame as that all his accounts are pretty much subscribed to each other.

– Lack of co-operation and comprehension –

YouTube users including myself have told Antoni to take down the videos containing stolen content from other users, but his responses are the same each time such as “sorry no more steal video”.  I have lost count on how many times he has said these remarks, but nevertheless he continues to steal videos from other users meaning he is completely untrustworthy and isn’t sorry at all.  His understanding of others talking to him is not any better than his typing of English which means I’m not going to warn him anymore because it is just no use.

– Responsibility –

Now there has been disputes whether Antoni is genuinely mentally-challenged and if that is true, then his parents should be ashamed of themselves for just letting him have access to the internet and making himself vulnerable and the worse scenario could be that Antoni or/and his parents may be taken to court for perjury over DMCA counter-notice(s) entailing inaccurate information.  If he is not mentally-challenged, then there is no way to break this gently but Antoni deserves all the crap being dumped on him for taking people’s material without permission along with stealing credit for them and other forms of mockery.

– Conclusion –

In my opinion, it looks like he will continue to make more accounts in the future judging by the data of his existing ones and will regurgitate more garbage that may contain stolen content from other people’s videos.  I will be keeping a personal eye on him to see if he makes any more slip-ups such as uploading sexual content as a friend of mine on YouTube has pointed out.  I have thought whether I should file a copyright complaint against him myself but I have decided not to do it as I do not want my information exposed to him as he could be stupid enough to publicise it somewhere just like when he has shown his own account password in one of his videos resulting in his account being hacked.  I think as time passes, he will be getting a volley of flags (Mostly for sexual content and nudity) and DMCAs filed by other angry users.  I will just wait and see.

– My new YouTube friend nearly closed his account –

A new friend I have made on YouTube is just as angry at Antoni as I am.  He is a Unterganger like myself and his videos have been stolen by Antoni as well.  He nearly closed his channel because of Antoni’s thefts but I’m glad he has reconsidered after we had a long conversation about Antoni and the fact that Antoni is not going to get any positive popularity as many are already aware of his dirty deeds.

– Resources –

Any more information about Antoni Pieter Yahya and Untergangers can be found here:

– Advice to YouTube users who have encountered Antoni –

Assuming you are a YouTube user who uploads your own videos containing original work,  if Antoni subscribes to you,  there is a chance that he will download your video(s) without your approval and… well we all know so far what he will do with them.  Any more videos you upload, add a brand image with your username on it in one corner of your video file from start to finish before you upload them.  This may not stop Antoni from stealing your video(s) but it is more obvious to those who happen to stumble by his videos that he is a video thief as the video brand of the original author will give it away.

If you don’t have Photoshop on your computer, try downloading and installing Gimp 2.6 as it is free.  There are many things you can do with this image editor but it can be overwhelming for someone who uses it for the first time. You can create transparent images of your choice and use text insertion, or if you want more attractive text as your video brand, try this website:

If you do not know how to create transparent images, do not worry.  It can be saved to your computer from the website and is already transparent meaning it is ready to brand and can be added as a layer onto your video.

– Event Updates –

***Update 13th October 2013***

Antoni Pieter Yahya has now made another account on YouTube with the username of antonipieterpremiere with the Google name of Blue Demon (Updated in the “Multiple accounts” section of this post) and is even stupid enough to steal a branded video, replaced my Dia Beetus outro In his video editor and re-uploads it with the Dia Beetus brand intact.  I had a feeling this would happen and he has actually done it.  And to add to that,  there is another watermark that is seen in many of his videos that he steals with text in the centre displaying:

“Created with a non-activated version”

Now you won’t see that watermark/brand in his videos full of cheap cartoons from start to finish but if that watermark is seen, then he is using unregistered format-converting software.

Also to note, Antoni has now gone to the extremes of censorship to anyone making criticising comments on his videos and perhaps it is due to his mood swing telling us to get out of his channel.  He has blocked me for the second time which means I had to use a dormant YouTube account of mine with the Google name of Galenth Dysley (Which is a name of a character from Final Fantasy XIII) and have posted a link to my blog on one of his videos with this account.  Antoni replies to everyone’s comments while deleting them leaving Antoni’s reply comments standing alone almost as if he is talking to a brick wall.

***Update 15th October 2013***

My friend skylight has began a petition to get Antoni’s IP Address banned off YouTube.  Here is the link:

The target is 1,000 signatures.  If the target is reached and still no action is taken to get Antoni’s IP Address banned, then for the least everyone may find out on how many people stand against Antoni’s menacing on YouTube.  We are still concentrating on flagging any of his videos that contains pornography, spam, down-rating his videos and even thumb-downing his incoherent comments on any of his accounts.

***Update 16th October 2013***

Today, Antoni’s Youtube account newfamilyantonigames has once again been terminated and this time, it was a copyright complaint filed by myself when it was skylight before (Click on image below).  And Yes, I did change my mind about whether I should file a copyright complaint or not.


It makes me wonder if YouTube has added Antoni’s IP address onto their blacklist already.  The time YouTube took to respond was around 20 hours since I filed the DMCA on Antoni’s stolen video of Fuhrerland when my friend Skylight told me it took 3-4 days for YouTube to take action since he filed his copyright complaint. Even though newfamilyantonigames may be down for now, there is still a chance that Antoni will file a counter-notification and if he does, it won’t be a coherent one.

***Update 24th October 2013***


Antoni’s account BlueDemon881 (Google name of Antoni Pieter Yahya) has now being razed to the ground due to copyright complaints filed by pleatedvideo, skylight and elcid1984 (click on image above).  My personal congratulations to these people! I don’t even need to file a copyright complaint against his stolen Fuhrerland II video that he’s swiped from me now.  This is another good day for those who know their video(s) has been stolen by Antoni and especially when Antoni had loads of garbage videos uploaded on that particular channel are all now flushed down the toilet.

***Update 25th October 2013***

Antoni has now operated on his onejanuary2013 YouTube account and has uploaded several more videos.  He also changed his Google name from happys antonio pieter to ellen paige (Proper spelling is “Page”) like anyone will be fooled by this attempted impersonation.  Me and Skylight will be watching this account to see if he does anything else that is stupid.

I have also filed a DMCA for the second time for stealing my Fuhrerland II video (image below) as he has recently uploaded on his Ellen Paige account and within the hour of my report,  YouTube has not only taken down the stolen video but has instantly removed it off the video database leaving me gobsmacked.  Surely, YouTube has got their full attention of Antoni and his dirty deeds now as well as many more users.


He should have either one or two copyright strikes on this account now.

For anymore updates, please look at YouTube Menace Antoni Pieter Yahya (November 2013) by clicking on the link below: