***Update 2nd November 2013***

At my own surprise, Antoni has foolishly re-uploaded the stolen Fuhrerland II parody video with a different title with the prefix of “Fuhrerland’s antics” thinking that I’m not going to notice what he did so I have given it the same DMCA treatment as the first time he stole it.  Half an hour is all it took for YouTube to take down the video this time.  It is also observed that Antoni has renamed his Google name on MrTobyrantsparodies account from “Toby Rants Parodies” to “shark tales“.

This actually took place yesterday on the 1st November and not today as I didn’t have much time online to document this.  Surely his Ellen Paige account is on it’s last leg by now and must have two strikes on it.

***Update 5th November 2013***

On the 3rd of November, Antoni has uploaded my stolen video Hitler Looped Mix #3 and modified the title to Hitler Looped Mix #3 subtitle version so I even filed a DMCA against it.  2 days of waiting for YouTube’s response to my report had a different outcome.  I went to the Ellen Paige account today to find this (Link and Picture below):



I think WonkyTonkBotty filed his DMCA first before I did and YouTube reviewed his report and took action before reviewing mine.  Ellen Paige got his well-deserved third strike and is now obliterated which may explain why YouTube didn’t care about my report as the account was taken down anyway.  At this point, I guess that doesn’t matter now.  Again I thank WonkyTonkBotty for filing his DMCA and  is continuously running out of his multiple accounts, helplessly shrinking towards extinction on YouTube.

Me and Skylight will be keeping up the fight until Antoni is no more.

***Update 6th November 2013***

familyantonigames account is now terminated again when it was once terminated before by a DMCA filed by HitlerRantsParodies.  Antoni never seems to learn from the consequences and had yet again stole my Fuhrerland video which is when I filed my DMCA on the 4th November.  It’s almost like Antoni is telling the rest of us “Please help shut my accounts down as I suffer from an addiction to download other people’s videos without their permission, do my cheap cartoon edits and steal credit for them”.

(picture and link below)



Skylight has told me yesterday that Antoni had a very old terminated account named antonipieter so I will add this username into his list of accounts located in the October archives:


***Update 14th November 2013***

Antoni has been up to something and this time it’s not about stealing videos.  It is something I have never expected myself.  Antoni has uploaded 4 pornographic videos on his antonigamesfloatturt account.

I will not provide direct links to these TOS-violating videos but I will provide his channel that contains them.


I don’t think it will be long until those videos will be taken down and the account associated with it.  So it’s not about dodgy sexual content contained in his cartoon-making videos any longer but actual porn has been uploaded.  Antoni’s mind is so dangerously absorb-prone, whoever says anything on his video comments or on his discussion page, he uses it in his videos.  Someone said “Ellen Paige porn” on one of his other accounts and later on, he used that name Ellen Paige as a Google name before it got terminated so it is not random.

***Update 17th November 2013***

Thanks to Skylight’s complaint, antonigamesfloatturt has been blasted out of existence (Displays the message “Channel does not exist” in its place), but unfortunately Antoni has just made another YouTube account named antonithepedo and to no surprise has uploaded a batch of porn videos again contain incoherent titles as usual.  This sadly disproves my theory that Antoni is blocked from making more accounts on YouTube.

It won’t be long until that new account goes into oblivion as well.  Antoni is getting crazier by each day that passes. What will be next?  Antoni making a YouTube video showing himself naked wearing a pink dildo on his head on webcam?

His new account information is added to the list in the October post of my blog.