I will be practising my other ideas on YouTube apart from Hitler parodies.  I can see some other Hitler parody artists have made new avenues to making parodies in different areas away from Downfall.

Now I must create my own new avenue.  As I am a fan of Riven:  Sequel To Myst (I own a copy of it on the Sony PS1), I was tempted to do a YouTube Poop about the character Gehn and then some time after I was arranging bits of video, of him, I came up with “Gehn The Awkward ” idea.  This YouTube Poop version of Gehn is a man who has become a teapot after being trapped in his own created age for 30 years as well as becoming accident-prone and pretty much sings crazy things at random moments, because when it comes to YouTube poops, things don’t make sense and everything is pretty much possible.  Laughing audience sounds have been added in as well.

So now I have uploaded it onto YouTube.  I even plan to make a second part of Gehn The Awkward and may even be a third.

It seems I made a typo in the video right at the beginning. I have spelt “Awkward” as “Ackward” so I made a poop of that one without any intention.